I am Full Professor at the University of Glasgow, where I am with both the School of Computing Science and the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology. My main research interest is Social Signal Processing, the computing domain aimed at modelling, analysis and synthesis of nonverbal behaviour in human-human and human-machine interactions. The core idea of SSP is that nonverbal behaviour (facial expressions, gestures, vocalisations, etc.) is the physical, machine detectable evidence of social ad psychological phenomena. Correspondingly, my research focuses on the inference of psychological constructs (personality, conflict, attachment, roles, etc.) from nonverbal behavioural cues automatically detected in signals captured through multiple sensors.

My current projects are as follows:

  • UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Socially Intelligent Artificial Agents (SOCIAL): Training of 50 PhD students in Artificial Social Intelligence (2019-2027).
  • Transforming auditory-based social interaction and communication in AR/VR (SONICOM): Non-verbal Communication in virtual environments, funded by the European Commission through the FET-Proact Program (2021-2025).

In the past, I have been the coordinator of the Social Signal Processing Network (the European Network of Excellence on SSP) and the PI of over 10 national projects (Swiss and British). Las, but not least, I am a proud co-founder of Klewel, a knowledge management company recognised with several national and international awards, and a scientific advisor for Substrata.

I am currently (co-)supervising Nesreen Alaref, Hadeel Al Saleh, Rawan Alsarrani, Basmah Alsenani, Huda Alsofyani, Abeer Buker, Areej Buker, Evangelia Fringi, Emily O’Hara, Katerina Michalaki, Francesco Perrone, Gordon Rennie, Fuxiang Tao, Ana Carolina Torres Cresto, Sean Westwood.

For a description of my research interests, please have a look at the following video:

Alessandro Vinciarelli Alessandro Vinciarelli Alessandro Vinciarelli