Monthly Archives: Jan 2019

Interview for Voices in AI

I have been interviewed for Voices in AI, a series of conversations between Byron Reese and experts in Artificial Intelligence:

The interview has focused on the interplay between human psychology and machine intelligence and, in particular, on how machines can learn how to “read the mind” of their users. After outlining the main applications (and the many emerging companies active in the area), the attention has shifted to the significant ethical issues underlying the development of these technologies. The main point we have made is that the danger does not come from technologies, but from people. Therefore, it is through societal choices and political regulation that socially intelligent Artificial Intelligence will be of benefit for people. Many thanks to Neurodata Lab for having created the opportunity of this interview.


New Article on Speech Perception

My article “Machine-Based Decoding of Human Voices and Speech” has been published in “The Oxford Handbook of Voice Perception“, edited by S.Fruholz and P.Belin. The chapter provides a general introduction to the main approaches aimed at speech recognition and inference of speech-based social perceptions. After showing that our very physiology is shaped around the perception of human voices, the chapter shows that speech is probably the signal most common studied and analysed in the technological literature. Furthermore, the chapter introduces the main approaches adopted to automatically transcribe speech signals (a task called speech recognition) and to infer from them different types of traits and psychological phenomena (personality, emotions, etc.).