Award from Arnet Miner

According to Arnet Miner, the search engine supported by the Chinese Government, I am one of the top 100 researchers in Multimedia in the decade 2007-2017. According to the message they sent me (see below), this results from the analysis of 230 millions of documents collected over 368,402 venues.


Dear Alessandro Vinciarelli,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been recognized as a Most Influential Scholar for your outstanding and vibrant contributions to the field of Multimedia. Congratulations!

In 2018, the AMiner Most Influential Scholar List names the world’s top-cited research scholars from the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The list is conferred in recognition of outstanding technical achievements with lasting contribution and impact to the research community. The 2018 winners are among the most-cited scholars from the top venues of their respective subject fields in recent ten years (between 2007 and 2017). Recipients are automatically determined by a computer algorithm deployed in the AMiner system that tracks and ranks scholars based on citation counts collected by top-venue publications.

AMiner ( is a free online service for academic social network analysis and mining. As of 2018, the system has collected information on over 136 million researchers, 230 million publication papers, and 368,402 venues. The system has been in operation on the Internet since 2006 and has been visited by nearly 8.32 million independent IP accesses. It provides various search/mining services for publishers, NSFC, and research venues such as ACM/IEEE Transactions, ACM SIGKDD, ACM WSDM, and IEEE ICDM. Further details can be found online at the AMiner Wikipedia page:

As part of the recognition, your research profile extracted from the AMiner database is being featured this month (March, 2019) on AMiner homepage. The full list of the most influential scholars can be found here: For your information, you can sign up for an AMiner account and keep your personal profile and publications updated (

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