Participating in “A Pint of Science”

I had the chance to participate as a speaker in “A Pint of Science”, a nice initiative aimed at discussing about science with the general public:

Speaking in a pub is definitely unusual, but the atmosphere was full of energy and genuine curiosity. My talk was about social intelligence in machines, a topic that always attracts attention and questions, especially about the impact that these technologies can have on the life of people. Here are the main questions I got:

  • Can machines be better than humans?
  • Is it ethical to have machines making life-changing decisions about people?
  • What is the role of data in Artificial Intelligence?
  • What is the relationship between natural and artificial intelligence?
  • What are the applications of socially intelligent machines?

Overall, the questions seems to account for the main worries people have about AI and it is always interesting to see that the issues remain the same across all audiences I had a chance to interact with.

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