Synapse 2022

I participated in Synapse 2022, a symposium on Artificial Intelligence held in Milan on July 2022:

There were multiple speakers from both academia and industry who covered many different aspects of AI, from language modelling (Michele Catasta from Google showed tools capable to map natural language into code), to computer vision (Georgia Gkioxary from Meta showed how to bridge he semantic gap between pictures and their interpretation), intelligent transportation (Alexandre Alahi from EPFL showed how to make self driving vehicles socially intelligent) and others.

However, despite the diversity and the variety of the topics addressed in the symposium, there were a few points that kept being made by all speakers:

  • It is time to outline positive visions of AI capable to orient the future developments of the field towards positive impacts for humanity;
  • Data plays a major role and their availability risks to generate a divide between those who can get the data and those who cannot;
  • There is a time before the advent of Deep Learning and a time after he advent of Deep Learning, as a matter of fact, AI and Deep Learning are today synonymous;
  • A great idea about AI or its application cannot have success without working on the engineering aspects related to its deployment.

The organisers promise to make the content available online soon.

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