New Article on Preferences of Prospective Students

I have published a new article that analyses the preferences of roughly 5,000 prospective students attending one of the Open Days organised by the University of Glasgow:

The full citation of the paper is as follows: A.Vinciarelli, W.Riviera, F.Dalmasso, S.Raue, C.Abeyratna, “What Do Prospective Students Want? An Observational Study of Preferences About Subject of Study in Higher Education“, in “Innovations in Big Data Mining and Embedded Knowledge”, A.Esposito, A.M.Esposito, L.C.Jain (eds.), pp 83-97.

The article has been written in collaboration with Bizvento, a start-up founded by a few students of the School of Computing Science of our University, audit was supported by The Data Lab. It is the very first time I write a paper with a sociological slant (it was a chance for me to read some sociological literature about the relationship between family condition and education level that people attain). In parallel, it was an interesting exercise on how much information can be obtained by crossing multiple publicly available repositories and data.

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